Arizona Sonora Campaign

Arizona Proposal


Arizona’s Pristine Sonoran Desert is home to many wildlife including the Desert Bighorn Sheep, desert tortoise and golden eagles. 

As growth continues to push our urban boundaries further and further out Maricopa County is experiencing its “last frontier.”

Arizonans are coming together to enact a plan that protects Western Maricopa County for generations to come ensuring that wildlife, recreation and development can coexist. 




Sonoran Desert Heritage report The Sonoran Desert Heritage campaign is a diverse partnership working to permanently protect Arizona's unique Sonoran Desert, which provides abundant natural, cultural, receration, and economic benefits to the growing region of western Maricopa County. The effort includes the proposed designation of two new National Conservation Areas, new wilderness areas, and new Special Management Areas, which will protect existing recreational, cultural and conservation amenities, as well as responding to the needs of the broader community. With appropriate protection and broad collaborative efforts, future generations will be able to enjoy these vibrant lands in much the same way as generations gone by.


Click here to view our photobook of the Sonoran Desert Heritage campaign.



Areas of Concern:
•  Agua Fria/Lake Pleasant Corridor
•  Hassayampa River/Bradshaw Mountain Foothills
•  Vulture Mine Range
• Harquahala/Hummingbird Springs/Belmont Mountains Wilderness Complex
• Eagletail/Saddle Mountain/ Gila Bend Wilderness Complex
•  Gila River Riparian Area/Buckeye Hills
•  Sonoran Desert National Monument/Sierra Estrella Range