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Saving the Sagebrush Sea: An Imperiled Western Legacy

Nearly 350 plant and animal species depend on sagebrush habitat for their survival.


Montana Hunting and Fishing Information

Hunting Information

Montana has a rich history of hunting and is considered to have some of the best big game hunting in North America. With its small population size, diverse landscapes and clean air and water, Montana is an ideal place for both wildlife and hunters.

For many Montanans, hunting is a way of life where game meat frequently supplements weekly groceries. In fact, Montana has more hunters per capita than any other US state! Likewise, visitors flock to the abundant game in Montana, infusing millions into Montana's economy.

Residents and visitors alike can find a diversity of game species in Montana. White-tailed deer inhabit low elevation riparian and agricultural areas while bighorn sheep and mountain goats reside in wilderness areas above timberline. Sagebrush habitats in the center and eastern side of the state harbor opportunities to hunt antelope and mule deer. And elk, which are at historic population highs, continue to expand into a variety of forest, grassland and agricultural habitat.

Combine this diversity of species, with long hunting seasons and plenty of open space to hunt and Montana is a hunter's paradise.

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Fishing Information

Montana boasts 85 species of fish. Of these, 56 are native to Montana, including the westslope cutthroat, the Yellowstone cutthroat and the bull trout. A number of fish have also been introduced over the past hundred years as sport fish including rainbow trout, brown trout, largemouth bass and walleye. The diversity of Montana's lakes and rivers have also created prime habitat for northern pike, sturgeon, grayling, whitefish, Coho and Kokanee salmon, paddlefish, channel cat, bullhead and ling.

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