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Saving the Sagebrush Sea: An Imperiled Western Legacy

Nearly 350 plant and animal species depend on sagebrush habitat for their survival.


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October 2013

Is Utah -- other Western states -- ready to take over national sites for real?

Judith Kohler

For the overwhelming majority of Americans, the shutdown of a vast array of federal services has been everything from inconvenient to financially disastrous. For the state of Utah, the shutdown could be a golden opportunity for the tiniest taste of what political leaders say they want – to take control of the millions of acres of federally managed lands in the state.

First Flooding, Now an Unnatural Disaster — the Shutdown — Plagues Rocky Mountain National Park

Judith Kohler, Oct. 4, 2013

People in Estes Park, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, are still reeling from the flooding that pounded northern Colorado in September, destroying  tens of thousands of homes and nearly obliterating the highways leading to the park. Now, the community is dealing with another disaster – this one of the unnatural kind. The government shutdown that has furloughed nearly 1 million federal employees and disrupted services and programs used by millions of Americans has also closed our national parks, wildlife refuges and other public sites.