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Saving the Sagebrush Sea: An Imperiled Western Legacy

Nearly 350 plant and animal species depend on sagebrush habitat for their survival.


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In Defense of Our Public Lands: Voices From the Backcountry

Meg Morris,

Here are stories born from time spent in the wild lands that belong to us all.

Sportsmen: State takeover of public lands could leave public behind

Judith Kohler May 12, 2015

Image: Lew Carpenter

Hunters, anglers voice concerns about management and fiscal burdens.

Colorado sportsmen hail demise of public-land takeover bills

Judith Kohler May 4, 2015

Image: Lew Carpenter

Hunters, anglers vow to remain vigilant in defense of outdoor heritage, economy.

Colorado Senate Bill 232 is more than a study – it’s a land grab in the making

Judith Kohler April 15, 2015

Image: Judith Kohler

Why am I afraid of SB232 actually making it through the legislature? Lawyers not looking to make money off the latest Sagebrush Rebellion agree the Constitution gives the federal government authority over the public lands and the absolute right to decide whether to keep or get rid of those lands.

But legal arguments aren’t going to break this land-grab fever raging through the West. While states from Montana to New Mexico spent the winter debating the issue, Congress has been lining up bills to undermine federal agencies’ authority to manage our national public lands, hamstring presidents’ ability to establish national monuments and, in the case of Nevada, authorize the transfer of certain national public lands to the state. Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah, chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources, has promised hearings this spring and summer on federal land ownership in the West.