Colorado Senate Bill 232 is more than a study – it’s a land grab in the making

Judith Kohler April 15, 2015

Image: Judith Kohler

Why am I afraid of SB232 actually making it through the legislature? Lawyers not looking to make money off the latest Sagebrush Rebellion agree the Constitution gives the federal government authority over the public lands and the absolute right to decide whether to keep or get rid of those lands.

But legal arguments aren’t going to break this land-grab fever raging through the West. While states from Montana to New Mexico spent the winter debating the issue, Congress has been lining up bills to undermine federal agencies’ authority to manage our national public lands, hamstring presidents’ ability to establish national monuments and, in the case of Nevada, authorize the transfer of certain national public lands to the state. Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah, chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources, has promised hearings this spring and summer on federal land ownership in the West. 

Colorado Sportsmen Target Bills that Threaten State’s Public Lands

Judith Kohler April 15, 2015

Image: Ryan Won
“Sportsmen are particularly disappointed that Colorado lawmakers chose to listen to the extreme voices calling for the dismantling of our public lands legacy. Legislators should be listening to the sportsmen and women and all the other people who use public lands in their districts,’’ said Bill Dvorak, a fishing and rafting guide and public lands organizer for the National Wildlife Federation.

Arizona Seeks to Modernize Renewable Energy Development

Brad Powell

Image: Daryl Hunter

The Public Lands Renewable Energy Act seeks to modernize the development of renewable energy resources while protecting critical fish and wildlife habitat on federal lands.



State takeover of public lands is a bad deal for Nevadans

Robert Gaudet, April 12, 2015

Nevadans stand to lose in a state takeover of public lands. Image: Steve Torbit

The Nevada legislature is entertaining a number of proposals to transfer our national lands to the state or otherwise vastly diminish the amount of national lands, waters, minerals and other resources we now enjoy as both residents of Nevada and as citizens of this great country.  If these proposals are taken to their logical conclusion, the end result would be as predictable as it would be preposterous.  Access to our lands to hunt, fish, rock hound, hike and camp would be severely limited and where we could still enjoy our great outdoors it would be very pricey. 

Politicians’ plans to grab national lands and sell them off are well documented in their own reports and proposals and as a longtime Nevadan, hunter and lover of wildlife and public lands, I am outraged.  You should be too, here’s why.